5 green habits you can teach your children

We can share our bits in reducing the harmful impacts on our planet by reducing our carbon footprints. We can teach green habits to our children so they can reduce their carbon footprints from a very young age. Here are some ways to do it.

1. Let your kids participate in gardening

You can grow your vegetable garden in your backyard and reduce your grocery bills. At the same time, you can involve your kids in gardening. This way your children will connect to nature and learn why and how they should help in preserving the nature. Gardening is a very healthy family activity.

2. Make healthy eating habits

Only a few selections of food can have a major impact on your environment. You should know what you have in your refrigerator before you go grocery shopping. If you buy fresh food from the local farmers’ market, it will reduce carbon emissions. Purchasing fresh and seasonal foods improve the environment and health. You can ask your kids to help you in cooking, and they can learn about nutrition, environment, etc. By letting them prepare food will help them to learn healthy eating habits.

3. Recycling and reusing

Kids now know about recycling; it is taught in school. You can get your kids involved in recycling your household waste. When your kids have too many toys, you can donate them to local charities, provided they are in good condition.

4. Build up the habit of walking or cycling

If the school is nearby, then walk your kids to school instead of using your car. You can also encourage them to use a bicycle for visiting friends in the neighbourhood. This will save your car fuel and reduce the carbon footprint.

5. Use less water and energy

The energy we use in our houses, schools and offices come from burning fossil fuels. So, using less energy means saving on your energy bills and reducing greenhouse gas emission. You should tell your kids to use less energy and water. You should teach them to turn off water tap when not in use, or turn off the lights when there is no one in the room.

These ideas of saving energy can take you to a greener living. This way you can involve your whole family in the green movement. You should encourage your kids to practice these habits for sustainability.