4 green products you can use for your car

Riding bicycles and walking are the greenest means of transportation. But sometimes, these methods are not very practical. Cars are needed every day to go to work or drop kids at school. Here are some green products you can use for your car.

Green tires

In 1987, a German company produced the first eco-friendly tire. It revolutionised the tire industry. These tires are still produced by the company and appeal to buyers who look for eco-friendly products for their cars.

Bamboo seat covers

Bamboo seat covers are environment-friendly as they are renewable resources. These seat covers are made from 100% natural bamboo and are very comfortable to use as well. You can find these seat covers in more automotive retailers.

Recycled engine oil

Motor oil is not eco-friendly. Every phase of producing motor oil has harmful effects on the environment. Recycled engine oil is a better option as it skips some steps of the engine oil making process. So, it reduces the carbon footprint of the products.

Waterless car wash

A standard water hose lets out 10 gallons of water every minute. If you use 10 minutes of water for every car wash, then you are using up 100 gallons of water for every car wash. Some companies have now produced waterless car wash products. These products are plant-based, and you won’t need any water to clean your car.

All these products are eco-friendly. You will be fulfilling your purpose, at the same time contribute to saving the environment using these products. So, if you have a car, think of using some of these products to protect our environment.